Friday, August 14, 2015

Not lost... Just under water

In military terms, I've gone dark. I have been reading most of your blogs super late at night, but haven't even commented. Not complaining, but upsetting two rooms in a house this crammed... Mistake. Big mistake. (As she said in Pretty Woman.)

My sister/cousin helped me work in the Studio (that's what I'm calling my ex-bedroom downstairs.)  The dream is to have a room prepared for crafting, sewing, watching a video and doing the work... The actuality is so far from that...

Mom's blood pressure is doing amazing. My son is starting another group through his computer programming boot camp. Cicadas are singing that it's back to school time. My former colleagues started back today. I miss that, but I know I'm in the right job ... taking care of Mom.

Eight years ago today my dad passed away. Long, lost years of stumbling, sad denial, and disbelief. Eight long years of not living in my own home.

Little touches of Autumn are knocking at our door. On Saturday, tomorrow, I unleash the Crackon... Harvest decorating begins. Happy Dance.


Miss Merry said...

I am so sorry about the loss of your father. He must have been quite a guy. Sometimes there just aren't words to say or comments to make. Take care of yourself!

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

Gotta' look up A.M. Galdorcraeft and 'Southern Hemisphere Pagan....

although that pic looks more like a Northern Hem. Pagan to me... -smile-