Saturday, July 4, 2015

Independence Day

Just waiting on evening so we can drive to Moberly and watch the big fireworks display over the Lake. My mom is going, too! And my son. Yay! Think we might do a little picnic from a drive- through in the car if that works for everyone. It has been a super slow holiday with little happening here. I keep thinking I should be making a traditional Watermelon basket, preparing the side dishes and getting an eye on the charcoal. It's just that kind of preparation that used to be my mainstay on this holiday. I love, love, love holidays. It seems such a shock to do something mundane on the day. I thought my son was going to help me clean, but I hadn't asked him when he announced he was in a clean mode at his house. Far be it from me to stop any of that going on! haha..  My clutter has been there since Valentine's Day when the plumblers dragged out a lot of boxes to get to a leak. I think it can wait. It's in my old downstairs bedroom that I no longer use. Most people come in the new ramp and don't use that door any more, so...  another week or two until it gets "presentable." I hope.

I used my Martha Stewart glitter to accent these prints of antique postcards. I am a glitter fanatic. Truly.

A friend of ours gave us this Jim Shore Lady Liberty Angel. She is a fierce one. I love the way she protects her freedoms. Think I should leave her out right now because ... Well, I'll let you guys fill in that blank for yourselves. I'm never one to force my politics. And maybe that's what's wrong with things. We all are so insipid timid sweet about it.  Dunno.

Dining room is Independence Central right now. It's so much fun to decorate the table and the little sideboard table. Everyone pretty much comes in here because it is on the way to the Powder Room!  HAHA..

I had every intention of leaving the Fourth decorations in their tub this year. It got later and later, and I was just treading water and trying to clean up the little messes everywhere. Suddenly I just couldn't do it. They were so darn loud in the closet. They hollered stuff like, "Why did you collect us, anyway? We are tired of this box. Play us or Trade us." Silly holiday stuff like that. So the other day I decided to just tuck them around. It didn't take all that long. Why I resisted until the 2nd of July? That's Ms. Procrastination for you.

I made the sparkly card, and the little bracelet is a genuine wooden treasure bought for me by my son years and years ago at the Dollar Store. I wear it at least once a year, and it still has the original elastic. Not too bad, I'd say. The cobalt bauble is new, but I know my daddy would adore it. Tucked inside the cream pitcher is a full moon chart. We have two listed for July. This little chart was a small token at a visitation of a dear friend of mine, a fellow moon lover. My Nellie.

The "snow" globe is for my daddy years ago. I love the way it picks up the reflections of the patriotic tablecloth. It has long been a dream of mine to see the Statue of Liberty. I have such a love for the way she graces the harbor.

This little Miss Liberty was lovingly stitched for me by my sister/cousin. I love the way she sparkles in this primitive redwork. She sits today on our dining room table in the midst of the celebrations.
Let Freedom Ring, she sings.

Happy Fourth of July!

My gramma made the bicentennial quilt in the basket for my mom in 1976.

Happy little Jim Shore Mickey Mouses * Mice?* celebrate on our mantel. My good friend gives Jim Shore goodies to my mother, who adores his work.

Let Freedom Ring!


Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

they were hollering at you from the box... why do you collect us, anyway????


happy day after our 4th of july!!!!!

Miss Merry said...

I grabbed my decorations at the last minute, too! Now I am planning to leave them up for the month since I was so late in bringing them out. They were lurking in a newly organized closet with (what else) boxes piled in front of it.

I hope you enjoyed the fireworks at the lake! We went to a parade and a picnic and could have lingered since you can see the fairgrounds fireworks from my middle son's front yard or the raceway fireworks from his backyard. But we were partied out and went home to bed. Happy Holiday!

Brad Post said...

We started a new tradition on Independence day a few years ago. We all get together and picnic at the beach in the late afternoon and stay until the fireworks are set off that evening. Not only do we get the best seats early, we bond and reflect on everything we are grateful for in this country that we tend to take for granted.

Brad Post @ Jan Dils