Friday, July 31, 2015

Hook me up...

Getting ready for some fun days to finish up an Afghan I started a bit ago. This is a favorite of mine. I made a small one for a dear friend's baby granddaughter. This one is MINE...  I fell for it when I saw it on a blog, Hopscotch Lane. 

Don't you love the colors? It's inspired by the very popular and charming English designer Kath Kidston. My heart just jumped when I spied it because it just screamed my sweet grandmothers names. Both of them crocheted. Both loved color. My little gramma, Mom's mother, loved pink, green, and reds. She had pink KITCHEN with pink enamel cabinets and a deep red linoleum... It was awesome. The colors make me think of summer bounty and Ma, my other grandmother... Sunflower yellow, pansy pink, vegetable mater reds and corn stalk greens, sky blue haze. But then again it's very *gingerbread house* friendly for Christmas... Very *conversation hearts* for Valentine's... And Easter... Well, yes.  A bunny could live in this world.

I learned to crochet at a very young age and have done quite a bit as a young person. It surprised me that I'd stopped about twenty years ago. When I feel stressed, it's just the very best therapy. Needless to say, I dragged it out a few days ago since the past few have been rather off kilter... How dependent we have become on our air conditioners.

Tomorrow is August 1st.. Today is the last blue moon until 2018. Bevier Homecoming is next week. My car will start but won't run without my foot on the gas...  I'm convincing Mom finally to let me convert the dining room to my bedroom because I'm never going back downstairs again. Or I might capture my dad's room except it's so far in the other end of the house... My nocturnal lifestyle might clash with my mama's up before dawn thing... Dunno...

I have one afghan nearly finished in blues and greens. I ordered some stylecraft yarn from England for a Tuscan one... Lots of happy hooking ahead.

Have a great weekend.


wendy said...

This is so pretty, I did an afghan using sherbet colors but I love bright colors and I love the colors your using. Have fun!!

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

"I'm convincing Mom finally to let me convert the dining room to my bedroom because I'm never going back downstairs again."

Well of course!!!!!! You do everything for her. Of course, you should officially have your bedroom, where it is best for you. And be able to decorate it, for you.

And if she can't part with the dining room furniture, have it put in your dad's room!

See? How simple?

Want me come over and "talk turkey" to her???????


Gentle hugs,