Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Strawberry Moon

Wasn't she a beauty last night? I tried to capture the soft pink glow even though I knew it was impossible. In case you wondered, here are some wonderful facts about moons upcoming...


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Everyone’s buzzing about the "Strawberry Moon"! Here’s what makes it so special:

• It’s a full moon, meaning the earth lies between the sun and the moon so the complete surface of the moon is visible.

• Each month’s full moon has a name and a meaning, dating back to Native Americans. June’s full moon is called the Strawberry Moon because the short season during which strawberries can be harvested happens in June.

• However, strawberries aren’t native in Europe. There, June’s full moon is called the "Rose Moon."

• June’s full moon is also called a "Honey Moon" or a "Mead Moon" because its position is low in the sky (in our hemisphere at least) and the earth’s atmosphere can give it a warm tint.

• The word "honeymoon" refers to marriage’s sweetness, in addition to the European custom of giving newlyweds enough mead to last them a month. But it’s also interesting that June is the most popular month to get married and, as a result, many couples take their honeymoons during the month of the "Honey Moon."

• And as if this month’s full moon didn’t have enough nicknames already, some cultures also call it a "Hot Moon" because it’s the start of the summer season.

• The Strawberry Moon for June 2014 was extremely rare because it happened on Friday the 13th. It hasn’t happened on this superstitious day since 1919 and won’t happen on another Friday the 13th in June until 2098!

• In fact, full moons that happen on Friday the 13th are pretty rare in general. The last one was in October 2000 (that would have been a "Full Harvest Moon" or "Full Hunter’s Moon" by the way!). The next one is expected in August 2049.

I ended up dropping Mom's Meds, then dropping her ice water, then dropping her Meds AGAIN! As I attempted to grab these pictures on my way to helping her to bed! Lots of cleanup and regrouping later, and she has no affinity to the moon, so it was actually kind of funny to hear her say for the one hundredth time, "A moon is a moon is a moon."

Oh, Mama... I beg to differ. Has it been cold where you live? We are just plain chilly here with rain and dark days. In the sixties today. Perfect, I'd say... Sweater weather.

My son is flying to a business meeting in Georgia Friday. The computer company he works for has a company plane. I loved flying myself, but I have to admit I'm a land lubber when it comes to my family. My cousin/ niece is in Stockholm on an Ag trip for her school. Another friend is headed to Italy tomorrow. A girl from our reunion bunch is in Paris. Think I might garner up enough spirit to go into town to my favorite store, Randolph Mercantile.

Here is my pinkest, mostest strawberriest Moon... Isn't she lovely?





Miss Merry said...

I could tell it was a full moon by the news on my police scanner. Quiet entertaining when you live in a small town! I can just see the picture taking/medicine dropping scenario - too funny. I love the names of the moons. Have you ever visited Susan Branch's blog? She had a beautiful bookmark with the names and months of moons as a free download at one time. So romantic!

NanaDiana said...

Just gorgeous. We had cloud cover and I couldn't see it though. Darn it. Great pictures! xo Diana

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

The Full Strawberry Moon is so high, by the time I can see her, through the trees, that I never get an on-horizon-and-big-big-big-and-warm-looking moon. -pout-

But beautiful she was/is.

Cool here tooooo! Heat on. Back in flannel nighties. Glad you enjoy the cool.


Nancy's Notes said...

Wow, great pictures! Love the pinkest, mostest, strawberriest moon! Adorable description! She was a beauty! Your mom must be a character! A moon is just a moon! LOL!Thanks for dropping in for the sweet visit and next time, maybe you can tell me all about your treasures you bought at the Randolph Mercantile.