Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Feliz Cinco de Mayo

I'm thinking taco salad for this fun holiday! Tonight a few cousins got together at Pizza Hut. It was my mom's maiden voyage down the ramp. Worked great except for the gravel at the end. Looks like we may have to do something different there. Thank goodness my son was here. He's so strong, he can pick up Mom, wheel chair and all. It wasn't easy for even him, and I heard Mom whisper, "I'm not sure your mother could do this." Nope. Couldn't , shouldn't, won't.

I have been wracking my brain for a passion... Some hobby that I can do that makes my spirit sing. So far, I got nothin', as they say.

Well, since it's 3:12 in the morning, I'd better get some snoozing in before its time to wake up...


Nancy's Notes said...

Gayla, oh no, up in the middle of the night, hate nights like that! I seem to do it quite often. I hope you are snoozing now. Did you by any chance have a dream that cleared the way for a passion? Enjoy your taco salad tonight! Happy Holiday!

Miss Merry said...

All that late night early morning pondering can be exhausting! Good luck on the new passion, it will come! And just a suggestion - those paving blocks for the end of the ramp? Cheaper than having concrete poured. I am thinking the onese that are only about 1-2 inches think - maybe 12x6? Just a thought. So lucky to have your son.