Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Nails, boards, curtains, soap suds, dishes, patriotism.... 'n chicken

Have you ever heard of the word discombobulated? It must be a word because spell checker didn't boot it out and try to make it something else! We had frost! This week! Who knew?

We have nothing and everything going on here. I got my new dishes, my "mail order bride," and I am still in love! The mugs are huge and perfect! I haven't done a dinner yet with them, but I so will.

Got new curtains for the kitchen. The others were great but these GO WITH THE DISHES!! Had help hanging them but they were too long. I was going to hem them, but... I just moved up the rod! Go, me!

Did the dining room table IN THIS RED, WHITE BLUE... for summer... A while. I get bored with one thing so this won't make it all summer! My sweet gramma stitched this quilt in 1976 for my mom. Love it.

Working on a ramp outside so Mom and I can get OUT OF THIS HOUSE... I'm hoping I can maneuver a wheel chair. I'm kinda wimpy... Don't look wimpy, but... Looks can be deceiving!


Doing laundry. Ugh. Mountains of laundry... No picture. Y'all know what laundry looks like!


Need to run. Making balsamic chicken for my son tonight.. It's a Paleo hit around here. I'd better get busy. Oops... I hope these chickens cannot read!




Miss Merry said...

Love the curtains, love the kitchen - especially the quilt! Good luck with the wheel chair. I found a "transport chair" the easiest for me. If you are moving her to a car - it fits best in a trunk and is easiest to lift, too. Hope you both can get out and enjoy some beautiful weather soon!

Nancy's Notes said...

Gayla, new dishes, new curtains, you are on a roll! I've heard the Paleo diet is great, one I've not tried!
Oh, so hope you can get your mom out, wheelchairs are not easy, I know!
Have a great day~