Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter Through the Years

There are certain holidays that have such an aura surrounding them, and for me, one of those for sure is Easter. Not just Sunday, but the whole week, Holy week... Easter weekend. Good Friday. I have always had some kind of awe about that particular time of year, and it can't really be associated with the temperature or the weather because we have all kinds of weather for this holiday. As you know, Easter actually moves from week to week according to the full moon and the way the Vernal Equinox arrives. I hear people say Easter is a favorite holiday, and I can never really grasp that affirmation. Honestly, I love the family times, the holy significance, the advent of spring... but it isn't a favorite holiday. Too much confusion of memory, I guess. I'm just plain restless in the spring. I anticipate it along with the rest of you, but I don't ache for it like I do beautiful, celebratory Autumn. I don't smile inside for spring or summer like I do beautiful, graceful Winter. I love all seasons, but I have a pure soft heart for Fall and Winter. Spring is the farthest from those dear times.

I love Easter for children. Some of my happiest moments were celebrating Easter Sunday as a child in my great aunt's home in Quincy, Illinois. She made such a delicious lunch, and we sat at her beautiful dining table set with such loving care--- always pink Desert Rose Franciscan china. I usually use that china, as well. My grandmother also had that china, and I inherited it. I loved Aunt Thelma, my Uncle Mac, and my family time there. She had a wonderful staircase with carpet. I loved sliding down that staircase... and I soundly recall rubbing the lace right off my pretty little Easter panties one year. My mom wasn't as happy as she could have been... haha.. I was probably about four.

My dad loved Easter. He elaborately decorated the house, often adorned the lawn, and always created a masterful egg hunt for everyone as long as he lived. All over the house, little eggs peeked from behind pictures, woven in the fireplace mantel, tucked in a lampshade. By the time I was fifty years old, I had an advantage (which I used, thank you very much). My son was 23. We raced about the house hunting those eggs even that last year Daddy was with us. Then my dad proudly produced a paper stating what each egg was worth in money. Mom had a quarter jar, an old Alka-Seltzer glass tube, and we always got paid for the eggs by color. Magnificent. 

Watching my little boy find his Easter basket, always set right inside the kitchen door... magical. Mom tells us her Easter basket had only one candy egg in it and REAL grass.  Not ours.  Fancy, full of gifts and fun. I have baskets for Mom and my son this year. We are having one or two guests, as well, and I have gifts for them, too. I remember the year the Easter Bunny played my toy piano, and the next morning I found pink paw prints on the music. They later disappeared, and to this day, my mom says she had nothing to do with any of it. Do you suppose?

I have spent many Easter Sundays in church, at Sunrise Services, at Easter Sunday School breakfasts, both as a member of the congregation and as various jobs within the church, including Sunday School teacher, pastor's wife, cooker of the breakfast, choir, pianist...  Because of the trip to Quincy, I often missed church as a child, and I do not attend now and haven't for many years. I often thought the term Good Friday was filled with irony. It's a desolate, misunderstood, cruel part of Christian history, yet the outcome was one ordained and celebrated as our Salvation. This hasn't ever been a religious blog, and I don't intend for it to become one. I'm aware of the rationale behind the name. I'm just rambling with a few stray thoughts about Easter.

As you and yours enjoy the weekend in whatever way you deem appropriate and necessary, I truly hope you feel an outpouring of peace and love. This world isn't very conducive to that any more. Was it more so when I was young, or was I simply oblivious to the pain and harsh nonsense and cruel actions going on today? I try to put my face toward the light, whether it be the moon, the sunshine, or the love of my dear family, friends, and dear ones@. I guess I try to ignore the worst the world has to offer and focus on the good, the true, the beautiful. Wisdom to know what I can help and what I cannot. That would be good to have. 

I have rumbled down the Bunny Path quite a bit. I'm excited to have family to cook for, a home to enjoy, rain on our metal roof tonight, and God's grace to not give up on me. What a patient God!

I'll probably pop back in before Sunday, but in case I don't, HAPPY EASTER!! Don't drink hot cocoa from a hollow chocolate egg. It doesn't work. Yep, tried it a long time ago.

Whimsy and Hugs!


Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

Lovely, lovely memories... A whole batch of them!

Oh my, you inherited that lovely China. Oh my!

Enjoy your dinner preparations and everything.

Me too, I choose to ignore all the horrors on the "news." I can't effect them, so I do not let them worry me.

Have a lovely weekend,


Nancy's Notes said...

Thanks for sharing your sweet memories. Great post.
Happy Easter~