Monday, March 9, 2015

Night moves

Trying to situate things for a little tv service provider switch and upgrade can be frustrating and overwhelming. We are switching to a local provider that may get us more to watch, local news, and higher Internet speed. I bought a bit of much needed, improved equipment, as well.. 

Naturally, lots of things to move, ship receivers back, and shove  furniture around. It's fun though to be in the driver's  seat of change... a month ago we were in turmoil because of bathroom drain troubles,  and it was half  the work but seemed worse because we were being dragged through it by uncontrollable circumstances. 

Going through illnesses and change. .. all dragging incidents. .. I believe life to be a constant state of change, and the happy one is the woman who sparks a bit of wonder, mystery,  and change herself. .. and can roll a bit with some of the unforeseen. 

I'm not a fan of change, but I understand it is here to stay..when things are bad, change is excellent.

In taking a small break before heading downstairs. Switching the TV in my room to the west wall and opening up an east window... Hello, Moon ....

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Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

now this sounds like great change!!!

and how true it is. change we initiate, can have fun to it. change which is thrust upon us, is not fun.

hope you are very happy, with your new internet provider.