Monday, March 23, 2015

Isn't it funny. ..

Isn't it funny how different people  remember  the same thing exactly opposite?  I recall a house filled with boys playing all the time.  Video game.  Re arranged the whole house so they could have an arcade in the living room den. .. pizzas. Brownies. .. all- nights.... some /several kids even lived with us at times.

My son remembers all that and constantly says he had a great and cool mom. ..but ...... he was talking the other day about how mad I'd get at  him if he ran up to me WITH the kid who wanted to come stay all night..... I had forgotten that entirely.  It was hard to say no with two happy faces expecting the best.

Just sayin'


Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

my kids come up with things, I don't remember, too!!!

read (skimmed!) a book, which said that our memories are not, not, not reliable. and it's not our fault.

that was a scary book. makes you wonder what we are really remembering and what we have not.

I know that a very early memory of mine, can not be _my_ memory. it is of my grandfather and I (at a very, very young age) walking. he held his hands behind his back, like an old man, which he was. and I walked that way tooooo.

cute mind pic. but of course, it could only be one, I have ingrained, from what was told to me. :-)

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

oh and faerie-loving-you will like this one! the only other memory of my grandfather, I have, is mine, for sure.

my grandmother had died, and he had lost his will to live. then I was born, and he doted on me. that memory above, was how we were. little girl and her grandpa. inseparable.

family said that the only reason he lived as long as he did, was because of me.

our home was a 2 generation home. his room, was the bedroom, next to mine. I woke up in the night, and knew that my grandfather was dying.

and my thought was; "oh no, he said he would tell me about the faeries, and now, he won't be able to."

-sigh- such a nasty little girl. only thinking of herself. -sigh-

but see how early, my faerie love, was born in me? :-))))