Friday, March 13, 2015

Foggy Spring Morning...

It's kind of foggy here in Missouri this late winter, almost spring Friday. I have some custard stirred up for surprise English muffins for Mom. Yesterday was a rough day for her. Seems like her progress is four steps forward, two steps back... However, it hasn't even been three months since she came home from the hospital, so I think things are going okay.

My son teaches computer programming in a local corporation. He calls each session Boot Camp because the training is literally jammed into a short time frame, and it's truly intense. He loves teaching it, and the student target group is toward adults who didn't get a staight shot at success right out of high school and are ready to turn their lives around. How exciting!


I've lit some morning candles, and I'm sipping some hot water and lemon. What miracles that concoction is supposed to work in our lives. We shall see because I have lovely Young Living lemon oil and plenty of hot water. Plus I love, love lemon anything...


Think we are about ready, decorator-wise for the Easter Bunny around here. My room down the four stairs... Not ready for ANYTHING, and I truly need to spend at least a whole day or two down there... Boxes to go through, Halloween, Christmas, old clothes, "treasures"that didn't sell at my shop... Ugh! Someone. I used to hang out with always looked at a room like that and said, "Light a match!" I cannot think who said that!

Well, hope you've enjoyed my early morning peek at my Easter/spring dining room table. I love it at night. My Daybed where I sleep is enchanting in the twinkling lights that end about thirty minutes after I go to bed. All these lovelies are on timers... Magic indeed.

Have a lovely Friday.



Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

oh these pictures are magical! the night ones!

does the electric part, keep the sparkles moving, in their own light, as it were??? mmmmmm, I love them!!!

good luck with your "light a match" room!!!! -chuckle- don't we all have one (or two) of those, though?

best wishes to your mama... and to you too. because when she has a bad day, you do too. huggggs...

NanaDiana said...

Your pictures are beautiful, Gayla. Just magical. I have a light the match room, too, and know I need to get at it one of these days.
Hope your Mom has a better day tomorrow. xo Diana