Saturday, January 17, 2015

Winds and White Chocolate

Whimsy and Hugs!

Here it is, late at night, wind howling...  but it's about 40 degrees, so at least that's in our favor.  I have a furry, warm throw wrapped around my shoulders, and I'm sitting here on the edge of the bed with too much running around in my mind.

I've been cleaning and organizing, so yes, the house is a mess.  It should work the other way around, but it doesn't for me.  If the house is tidy, that means there is a hideous chaos lurking somewhere behind the closet doors or in a drawer...  possible even underneath a table with a long cloth slouched over it. The nearer it gets to clean, the messier it looks because that's when I haul out the old, strip the kitchen linoleum (why?) and organize the wrapping papers for another year of storage.  Not that I remotely ever intend to use it...  It's never handy when I make that wild dash to wrap at the Eve of St. Nicholas..

Don't you love my little baking girl tin sign?  She was a gift to Mom from a dear friend.  Looking at her involved in rolling out the perfect sugar cookie...  it just makes me happy!  You can glimpse the last of some pretty wonderful flowers from my niece...  and just a snippet of a gorgeous red work snowman picture from my sister/cousin,,,  I've got some surprises in mind for this cabinet in the next day or two.  I hope to be sharing them soon.

Until tomorrow then, have a cozy night.  As I consider just what might soothe the ruffled soul, of course chocolate comes to mind...  White Nights, that old movie I always loved....  Umm...  yeah. White Chocolate Nights.  I think White Hot Chocolate sounds perfect...  in a white mug...  yeah... That should do the trick. Until next time, Sweethearts. 


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Gayla, I think you have the perfect combination of cute stuff to warm your heart along with the hot cocoa. Infact, I have a tin of this in my cabinet and need to break it open. Thanks for the reminder! :)

Your tin sign is precious. I love her happy face.

Thank you so much for leaving such a nice comment for me. I was told by our Vet's assistant this: There is no JOY without PAIN. And this resonates in my head when I feel lonely. She is so wise.

Stay warm over there in Missouri! Tis cold here in California, too.

big hug,


Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

I have loved that illustration, of the little baking girl, for ages. so precious and so classic.

oh gracious, white hot chocolate! oh gracious!!! :-)