Tuesday, January 13, 2015

This and That in Red...

Good morning!  It's a lovely four degrees today, but with the sunshine, it looks much, much warmer. I've been spiffing just a few little corners for Valentine's Day. And I had to try out the new camera my mother bought me for Christmas.  So far, I'm in extreme auto/learner/figurer-out mode, but I am certain I will have many opportunities to get better through the coming months.

January has always been a happy month for me because I basically am a homebody and a copycat at times.  I enjoy seeing everyone else being homebodies, too!  They share their daily activities on Facebook and in blogs, and in the wintertime, it's much more like mine, so that makes me happy.  If I see a new idea, it's easier to accomplish in my own daily round if the creative individual did it at home vs. the beach, at the mall, or even at work.

This little vignette sits in the kitchen and basically has become indispensable for storage.  An entire set of dishes is stowed in the doors on the bottom, but I've been instructed not to throw any doors wide for public inspection on my posts.  Good advice! Lots could tumble out without warning. It happily holds my new diffuser from Young Living Essential Oils and several lovely scents, including my all time favorite, Thieves.

I basically love red, so Valentine's Day is a no-brainer with its lovely scarlets, pinks, cherries, and lace.  The little heart plates were hand made in Portugal, and they are new, an after-Christmas purchase on Ebay.  Pretty tiny, but I can see them snuggling a couple of cookies with a huge snowflake mug of hot cocoa.  The red dishware is Temptations from QVC, and the white is a Pfaltzgraff set I WON! from a long ago contest sponsored by Cielo in House of the Roses.  She is now on my side bar in the Little White Cottage in the Woods.  You will love her style and magic. The red and white dotted mini plates were a purchase on Amazon a few years back.  I went kind of crazy with them and got several colors.  Luckily I gave them all away except these. So cheerful on a cold morning as I stumble in and make myself a cup of hot coffee, light my morning candles, and basically sit with the said coffee mug nestled against my eye sockets. I have a dear friend who believes coffee cups and eye sockets were designed to match so that early mornings could be just that beneficial to our health and well-being.  I think she's right!

These little children are new.  Mom bought them from Valerie Par Hill early in the fall for Holiday favors.  I think a few are wintry, not just Christmas, so they get to stay out and celebrate January and probably February.

Speaking of Magic, there is quite a buzz about THE GOOD WITCH coming to Hallmark in February.  To those of us who adore! the movies, there is quite a bit of apprehension because only Cassie Nightingale is a sure bet from those wonderful characters we love.  I spent entirely too much energy fretting over a show that may prove a new magical delight, so I'm going to stay open to its charms and hope for the best.

The phrase, "Get a life," comes to mind, but actually...  I have one, thank you very much. I am happily retired, accomodating many new changes in giving home care to my Mama, and I'm doing the best I can to be more of myself and less of anyone else I may admire more...  Does that make any sense at all?  I mean, I adore the blogs with all white, dreamy, "cottagey" looks, or sleekly uncluttered counters... but that's really not me.  I'm darks, reds, ambers...  and whites, pinks, and nearly every color I can imagine... I'm ordered messy...  I'm a little bit Country and a little bit Rock and Roll, if you know what I mean.

Hope you enjoyed a peek at the preliminary Valentine festivities at our house.  My son is coming tonight to play spinner.  He's finishing a ten day round of that "yummy" juicing, so he's bringing his own greens and stuff to make a green smoothie. Mom and I have cornbread and soup beans.  Um... not that we couldn't use a health boost, but green juicing is just not on the list for this week...  and next week isn't looking all that promising either!

Whimsy and Hugs!


Chris K in Wisconsin said...

I really enjoy your blog!! I, too, am quite a homebody, especially since I retired a few years ago. I love being home and just putzing my day away! I also love the Hallmark channel, and watched it a LOT during Nov. and Dec. The news is too depressing, and a good Hallmark movie can always lift me up. I like the Good Witch, too, so am wondering how the new show will be. Well, time to put some Valentine happiness up in our house, too, but I wanted you to know I enjoy reading your posts!! Have a wonderful day at home! :-)

Ginney Camden said...

I always enjoy your blog and the heartfelt sentiments it contains. I like your decorating style and colors. I am always interested in seeing the sleek whites also, but I fear they might blind me early in the morning while I am searching for my coffee.