Sunday, October 19, 2014


Its hollow eyed magic follows me, October's muse, so very beautiful. Each year I think the Autumn gets more beautiful than the one before. Slanted sunbeams, chilled nights, frost breathing down our necks in forecasts yet to come. I sometimes think I'm dreaming through the year when I imagine the beauty that is fall. Surely one season cannot outdo all the rest in spectacular climate, color, aura, and
magic? Oh, but it does... I love wintry sparkle, spring's welcome green, summer's abundance... But
I'm enchanted when the leaves turn, dance on the wind, and mound up in the yard. The dawns and
twilights intensify, leaving me in total wonder.

The house is filled with little bits of harvest finery. I confess I began in late August, so Mom is really beginning to tire of my golds, coppers, pumpkins and leaves. Decorations take up a lot of space in our home. I kind of know I have too many, but... It's just something I enjoy. 

We've had so much rain lately..  Just day after day of heavy, ropy rain, chilled and grey. You must know me by now, so the idea of loving that kind of a day is not foreign to you. It's so very different not to get up every day and go out into the elements as I head in to teach..  I feel as if I need to cling to the seasons even more because these kinds of mornings and late afternoons can easily slip by as I work indoors more and more.

My son scored a big box of pumpkin Keurig coffee and not one, not two, but three big bottles of Pumpkin creamer! Each morning I slip upstairs and have a Halloween cup full of my own particular witch's brew...

This incredible photo of my grandfather's barn was captured on my way to school a few years ago. It made me late and drew disfavor from an unkind woman supervisor, but I do not regret the few moments it took to record the halo of dawn cresting behind that old, dear, dilapidated building. If I won the lottery, I would give half to my son and fix up that barn to its former dignity with the other half.... Hoping to have more than enough! But, as they say, you can't win if you don't play! So I'm not going to win any lotteries. 

What beauties lie in your particular parts of the world? I wish you a good week with time to stop and enjoy the magic.

Happy Fall! 


Twyla and Lindsey said...

Good morning, Gayla! I love the way you write. It's starting to be gorgeous here in southern Missouri, too. I love that great picture of your grandfather's barn. That was a shot not to be missed! So glad you took the time! Have a wonderful day! Twyla

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

Gorgeous... Photos and sentiment...

Yes, enjoy it. 'Cause it lasts such a short time.

"If the broom fits..." Love it!!! Do you know where you found it? I like to put Source link, under stuff I find on the net. And I'm in love with that!

The words of course. And the fact that the witch does not look ugly. I kind of have a "thing" about not liking portrayals of ugly witches. -pout-

Happy count-down to Halloween!
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