Sunday, September 21, 2014

Seasonal Spice

Well, once upon a long and haunted hill, there lived an old, old witch... She once ruled the kingdom in pure tyranny, but fortune intervened during a not so chance encounter with her magical cat. Now, most witches loved cats, but not Emereldine, the curious old witch who lived in the Glen...
Emeraldine was captured at seven past midnight many, many Halloweens ago... She is doomed to live just out of reach... In the blurry confines of a magic dome

Her foe, the languid kitten called Spice? She now rules the entire land with laughter, joy, and spirit


Spice threw all of Emereldine's old magic into an enchanted curio...

And now the land is free to embrace the joys of the season. Sometimes they cook! Lovely feasts of enchiladas, both Paleo and regular...


Some of the country people even had little pets of their own... It was a Happy Halloween Homeland, for sure!
The jackolanterns weren't scary!
Houses are Merry!

Barns are free!

Little girls play dress-up!

And it's cozy enough for a nap!

But over the horizon, far beyond the reaches of Spice, the happy cat... Lives Potion... A kitty who has vowed to free Emereldine one day!

All the little creatures in town wear Halloween sweaters!

" You'd laugh too if you had seen...what the moon saw on Halloween." (Thanks, Sister/Cousin)

Sometimes life seemed so bright, the sparkles began to blur!

I guess the best part of the day was the happy moments spent at tea with each other... Laughing and talking!

But what do I hear? Oh, no! Emeraldine is opening the magical door! Will she get out? Will the lovely, happy world of Spice soon melt intoThe evil cat, Potion's realm?

"I don't think so! " Spice laughs at our fears... She is ready to meet all challenges! The kingdom is safe.




It's official. I've gone bonkers. Pity.



From My Country Sunrise said...

no you have not~~Just such a sweet story!~!!HUGS☺

Anonymous said...

What an adorable post. Loved it!! And I loved the little barn. Is it a cookie jar?

Ginney Camden said...

I didn't mean to make myself anonymous. My post above said "what an adorable post. Loved it. And I loved the little barn. Is it a cookie jar?"