Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Pale Dawn

Love that expression! I read a book in college by that title... Pale Dawn by Momaday... I didn't love it, as I recall... But days like this with lavendar fog waiting to welcome the sun? Beautiful.

Took a little trip with my mom and my cousin/sister through Amish country. It was a wonderful day!


We ate at Crossroads, our once-favorite restaurant... It's amazing but the place just felt different... There were many scribblings and price increases/changes on the menu.. The specials board was moved... Our very favorite cheesy fried cauliflower was gone from the lineup... Scribbled through... Waitresses wore what they wanted... A huge plant was missing from the powder room... Our meal took nearly an hour to arrive. Several menu items weren't available... I watch a lot of RESTAURANT IMPOSSIBLE and RESTAURANT STAKEOUT... I just had a SINKING.....feeling...

"Did this place sell?" Yep. "Our" owners sold it in July... Upcoming change brewing with a convenience store addition in the wings... We were a little sad. Of course, the former owners deserved retirement, but... It just felt different, and not in a lovely way. I rarely love changes.


Have a good weekend!




wendy said...

Love the pictures! I know what you mean about change, sometimes I don't like it much either.

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

Sorry about the changes, in a favorite restaurant.

But the photos of morning fog, are beautiful.