Friday, September 5, 2014

Joan, Joan. . .

I've written recently and at other times about the strange phenomenon of feeling sadness when a celebrity passes vs. mourning a friend or relative. The celebrity doesn't know us, of course. If the situation reversed and we left this earth, that famous person would never bat an eye.

Certainly I was no avid fan of Joan Rivers. I was often either in awe or shocking distaste of her irreverent humor. But sometimes that sarcasm just made me smile... To my core. . Did she go too far? Certainly. Was she guilty of being too nasty? Absolutely... But she has a certain kindness beneath that rough showmanship. Joan knew how to do what she did very well. From creativity on QVC to landing the job of Apprentice to Donald Trump, Joan was a "classy" act.

So I'm sorry to hear of her death. I believe she indeed lived full out, always stylish. Amazing at 81, she crushed life and earned my respect for her reputation as a kind benefactor to many charities. She seemed to be unstoppable, and when those powerhouses stop /

The world kind of sucks in its breath in one giant gasp. It seems alien that the clocks keep ticking. But indeed they do, of course. Ultimately celebrities are simply people... With lots of makeup, tons of money, publicists, sad daughters... And friends like me they'll never. Ever. Know.




bj said...

This is so my feelings, I could have written this piece...but not as well as you. Wonderful post and I am going to suggest to my blog friends to stop over and read it, too.
One thing for sure...she was beautiful, surgeries or no.....these photos of her are awesome.

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

Yes, it is a shock...

All I have to go on, is reactions of someone who knew her well. A local (and more than just local) socialite... Mary Lou Whitney..

She wrote, when Joan was in hospital, that she knew Joan well, and had spent much time with her. As a guest here, at the Whitney estate. And they went on a safari together too.

Mary Lou said that Joan's stage persona, and her real life persona, were entirely different. She said Joan was the nicest person, she had met.

Which is a lovely tribute to Joan...


Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

We have a family corner drug store in the middle of town. It was established at time of Civil War. And we keep it as preserved, as possible. Many city visitors, love to come in, and enjoy the Old Drug Store ambiance.

Many celebrities have come in, over the years. We used to have a book, for them to sign autograph in, but that is long gone.

Anyway, one of the celebrities who came in, one Saturday afternoon in August, was Joan Rivers. She and my husband had a lovely chat! He said she was a very nice woman.

So, there is another comment, from a person I know well... Saying nice things, about her Real Life persona.

I will hope she is at peace, and remember her, not only for her outrageous stage personality.. But for her, very nice Real Life self.


Helen said...

In 1990 I was privileged to be the 'point person' in charge of making travel arrangements, managing every detail of Joan's visit to Minnespolis for two shows at the Guthrie Theater ~ an AIDS Benefit! I worked as Sales and Marketing Director at the travel management company sponsoring the Benefit. I stood at the gate as she, Spike her beloved dog, Dorothy her faithful assistant and Kenneth her hairdresser exited the plane. I had a limo waiting to whisk them away to the Whitney Hotel. Both shows were sold out of course .. tears running down audience members' faces from her insanely funny jokes. The following day I escorted the group to a local television station for a quick interview and then it was back to the airport for their flight home! What a performer, a gracious woman, a true professional. I was blessed to have met her.

Becky K. said...

You expressed, very well, my thoughts and feelings. It is sad to see her life end.