Friday, August 8, 2014

Class ... School ... And Recess

It is that misty-morning, spider web in the garden, cicada singing time of summer. In my town the Homecoming with all its rides, Nashville shows, contests, and visiting heralds the highlight and the end of summer. Recently, teachers get only a few more days before they convene in workshops. Most have already jazzed up their rooms, bulletin boards... Ready for the optimistic excitement that is the first day of school.

I avoided thinking of it last summer, thinking I could avoid the pang of not returning to a classroom. My former principal, a kind gentleman, tells me, "It passes." And the wish to be in the thick of a room full of teens does wane a lot when I consider the icy roads, the early mornings... The exhaustion... I'm good. I'm exactly where I need to be.
It's going to always be this way... As odd as it seems, I realize I seem old to my young teacher friends. I had older teacher mentors who retired... And then they... ??? I'm not sure! That's my job. I'm in charge of doing something! To my young friends, former colleagues: "Godspeed!" I wish you all a truly wonderful year! I hope these little gifts warm your hearts as much as they did mine while I was thinking of you!

I have had so many good days in the classroom. Thinking about how much these students' young minds need to be touched... How to excite them, encourage... Inspire. It's not always what I did... But luckily, I never lost my love of young people. I see so many of my former "kiddos." How rewarding.
So... With Payless and Walmart, Target, and Others screaming out those Back-to-School ads... I happily make other plans. Retirement is good. It is.

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Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

"the Homecoming".... heralding the end of summer.... sounds like our "county fairs"... :-)

i'm happy that you are becoming peaceful with retirement. it is so important, to our happiness, to be happy-with-where-we-are.

and you have so many lovely memories of work-well-loved. not all do, unfortunately. good for you!!!