Friday, June 13, 2014

Father's Day Weekend...

Have yourselves a wonderful weekend and enjoy your friends families, dads if you have them. My son is coming Sunday for lunch and Spinner.

The years embrace this life we live and create more and more memories, often less and less experiences. I think about summers of the past-- barbecues, tractor rides, backyard projects. Life then was much more full... Often then I felt overwhelmed by too much to do in one day. Now many factors have merged to sculpt the daily rounds I live here with Mom. Life is truly a miraculous mystery...

I've written so many posts about Daddy... I think about him more than I did for a while. Guess it was just too painful, and now it's just beginning to be something I can do. At all. Here's my tribute to our good life. It's rather indulgent and elementary... But it's my blog, I think. Lol.

The Alphabet of Dad

A. My Dad bears the unique distinction in my mind of being able to do anything.

B. Daddy had a big heart for everyone.

C. Most of this home and my own showcase his gift of carpentry.

D. If ever there could be Mr. Dependable, it's my dad.

E. He captured the magic of electricity.. I can see him now with his meters and tools.

F. Every single day, no matter how he felt, he looked for the fun.

G. Far and near, I always hear, "he was such a good person."

H. Hands. Big, strong, hard. Gentle.

I. More than ever I understand how he was intelligent in the important areas of life,

J. July was his month. His birthday on the 11th. He loved the 4th. And he took his vacation to do the haying every year.

K. Kindness overwhelming.

L. Laid-back personality...mostly.

M. Music. My dad loved Big Band, marches... And he sang all the time. I guess he was happy.

N. I never thought I would be without him.

O. Oh, boy... He was outgoing.

P. Sometimes I was so impatient, but Daddy was a big planner. Plan twice. Work once.

Q. He was, although so friendly, a truly quiet soul.

R. Reliable.

S. Strong.

T. I catch myself at times thinking about the way he loved to tinker, work, and keep busy with his telephone collections, the farm, and anything going on.

U. When my dad was here, he understood every one of us and met us at our true selves.

V. Versatility. Just when you thought you had him, he'd surprise you.

W. Well, just really wonderful.

X. Exactly the kind of a dad I needed.... and grandfather extraordinaire!

Y. You have been so kind to let me do this post.

Z. It's been a blessing to zoom in on Daddy...just for his sake.



NanaDiana said...

Oh, Gayla. What a beautiful post! I miss my Dad, too. He has been gone since I was 21 and not a day goes by that I don't think of him.

This was a great tribute to your Dad-what a handsome man he was. xo Diana

bj said...

This might just be the best tribute to a dad I've read. Very nice, Gayla...and...I miss my daddy, too. You never get too old to miss your daddy.

From My Country Sunrise said...

OUr Dad;s were so special~~In our eyes they could do anything and did for us~~Love them and miss them sooo much~~We have such wonderful memories~~♥