Wednesday, May 7, 2014

To my Blog Sisters... And friends.

The wind chimes outdoors remind me it's suddenly summer... And really quite warm! We have much happening here. Tomorrow we are having a supper for The friend of my son's who married a girl from Ireland and now lives there in Dublin. They will be here in the area only three or four days.

My son is unwell... Looks like a chronic thing with the lymphatic system. Lymphedema. Cellulitis. Maybe not super serious yet, but an issue to address... He, being his mother's son, is 33 and not accustomed and not inclined to self-doctoring, to caring for himself. As I've mentioned, he took his health seriously and has lost nearly 300 pounds. Being so heavy possibly, probably irritated and initiated the disease. But he's a healthy weight now. That will definitely make this easier. But sadly, lymphatic damage seems to be irreversible. Our doctor is very good about researching. My son hopes to deal with it locally, not go to specialists ( who seem more geared to post cancer patients). For now, that's where we are. I'll be frank. I feel so sad. Not hopeless. Not at all defeated. The future, never guaranteed, never secure... Just stumbled a little. I hate this for him. And I, feel bad for my mom. Unsettling post, I'm afraid. My apologies. Oatmeal and Whimsy is the kind of Blog I created, to be intentionally positive, truly looking for the uplifting... However, I feel too close to you girls to hoard this setback in private. Thanks for listening, dears.

I have a lot to do, but I was awake into the dawn last night... I'll get that party happening... Tomorrow...



Becky K. said...

Thank you for sharing....I'll be praying. I have a friend who has this in her arm. For her it is a post cancer issue. She goes for regular therapy where they massage the fluids up and out of her arm.
Your son is young, young, young to deal with this.

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

and your blogging sisters, are surrounding you, with loving hugs... best wishes... prayers.. good thoughts... etc. each, according to their way.

congratulations to him, for losing the weight. that is an accomplishment in itself. and it speaks to his will and determination.

gentle hugs

Heaven's Walk said...

Thank you for sharing this because now we know what to pray for you all. We will be here for you and praying you through this journey...