Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What's “App-ening!” Sooo cheesy!

Welcome to something new! As of today, I just got sick and tired of never being able to post comments and revise, to think very long between sentences, to delete and start again... On Safari through my iPad, that was the case. I had to rush through comments on other blogs very fast with no pausing. It was a hoot! And not in a good way at all... But I loved the freedom of my iPad vs. my laptop... The hours between charging... So I coped.

Then... There was the challenge of posting on the ipad through Blogger platform. Super challenging because I had to upload all photos to Picasa and wait for freaking ever to find them... Constant freezing of the post.. I tried to just ignore how impossible it was to use the photo editor... I managed, but... Today, with yet another snoot full of Mother Nature's pollen, I decided to combat my allergies and sniffles with something new. I wanted to make life easier and iPad posting was the key! ... I thought, "Google!" Voila! I was advised to download free app Mini Opera for blog browsing. I did. And comment I could. Look out, world!

Then download the app Blogsy... To create and blog posts... It took a few minutes to hook it up to my accounts, but from the get-go...easy peasy.  I'm excited.. And drag n drop pictures are da bomb! From my iPad, Picasa, or other sources...  Much more to learn...but it seemed so easy! So unlike normal posts. Well worth the $4.99.


NanaDiana said...

Whooo Hoooo! Good for you. I have a very small laptop that snaps closed with a carrying handle built right in and it is GREAT. I like the size of it and how easy it is to use. I think that is the key-that you LIKE using it and it is simple. Great to see MORE of you- xo Diana

Helen said...

I have been away from home since April 5th ... With my IPad and nothing else .. no way to create a post! I would give anything to have know about this great feature! On a plane right now flying from Frankfut to San Francisco and then to Redmond OR, my airport ~~ and home!