Sunday, March 30, 2014

What is Now? ......

I struggle with all kinds of temporal realities. Then, now, yesterday and tomorrow all live together in the deepest sanctuary of my soul. I am not sure when or why I slammed most of my doors closed and locked them snap-shut, tucking the key carefully and enjoying the view to my life through windows and portals constructed to keep a whole lot of things from bothering me. "I'm in my own little world."

That seclusion of the spirit lends itself to the sparkling of the mundane, cleaning, polishing, planning small changes (and large!) to the daily surroundings. I don't think Cinderella had it too bad BEFORE she became the Princess... But, oh my goodness! I'm sooo slow. Little Prissy in Gone with the Wind was probably faster than I am... That's why in one solid week I've done half of two rooms... Maybe in Magical Housekeeping Math that makes a whole room?

I ordered new white curtains and a new braided rug for the living room, I tucked almost all my Easter finery here and there, and here I go for round two.  Mom has 9+ rooms... Whether it be today, yesterday, or tomorrow, it might suit me best to kick it a little. I just find my poor little mind out wandering alone, and the chances are it needs some shelter from the cold.

Have a wonderful week. Watch out Tuesday for April Fools!

Whimsy and Hugs!

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Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

"That seclusion of the spirit lends itself to the sparkling of the mundane..."

The Buddha would applaud you! Live in the Now! Isn't that part of his Message? What you call "living in your own world," he would call Wisdom. Yes?

What is meditation, but gaining control over our whirling thoughts? And learning to live in the present... Yes?

And you seem to have accomplished this, easily. While I am still trying to learn Mindfullness Meditation. -sigh-

Spring-y, pretty new Background here!!!!!