Monday, March 3, 2014

Selective Vision...

Do you have selective vision? I certainly do...  I consider the ability to see a spot of beauty and be cheered... A gift. With much to accomplish, this morning's first light focused my eyes on the prizes of character and soul most important to inner joy. I opened my eyes to this:

Cup of gratitude. You bet. Yes. I am thoroughly grateful for my life, family, friends... Treasures... Peeking through the cup handle, Hope in a Jar...  I love, love, love this product from Philosophy. One uber-extravagant jar lasts me almost two years. And who can't be blessed by the subtle reminder to keep HOPE? Since I sleep with heaters, I also love the morning kiss of moisturizer on my face and the lotion on my legs and arms and the soft fragrance from INNER GRACE, also a Philosophy product.. The hawkers hosts on QVC convinced me the scent was transportive. Yes, it is. The message on the bottle says it all...

Their product line is full of such poetry and uplifting... Well, "philosophies."

philosophy: to find peace, you must first quiet your mind and open your heart. abandon the pulls, pushes and obligations to see beyond. beyond deadlines. beyond material wants. beyond your impulses. to find peace, you must look beyond the turmoil of life and balance your spirit. in the absence of activity, you will find the only thing that matters, the gift of living in the present moment. become peace personified.
inner grace
when life gets stressful, it’s easy to lose your balance. this deep, emotional fragrance reconnects you to your center to bring peace and balance. inner grace is your mini-meditation for a guaranteed feeling of reflection. aqua leaf imparts peaceful balance; delicate freesia offers deep spirituality; and warm, sensual musk calms your thoughts.  (Website. ...No paid advertisements here. I just appreciate Philosophy's line.)

Good plan, huh?

So today, while gazing at the beauty of sunshine on fresh snow, I have been enjoying tea in my special, gratitude cup, floating a lemon slice in this morning's lemon zinger... The cup holds a surprise message from Psalms in the bowl...

It was -- 11° last night. Today the temp has finally at two o'clock reached 11°. A few boxes of spring and Easter florals and holiday decorations sit close by. It's hard for my mom to sit in clutter and love the beauty...

It's so fun to just putter and play...  But floors don't shine themselves and totes don't empty magically and locate all these items beautifully. Laundry.. Not jumping into place either.

See you all very soon! Think you so much for the comments you left on my last post... You are bright moments in my day!  Stay cozy!


Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

Why wouldn't we choose "Selective Vision"??????? The world in general, throws so much *crap-O-la* in front of us. It's almost a full time job, to just keep batting 95% of it, out of our minds.. Out of our thoughts.

We neeeeed "Selective Vision" to survive in this fast paced world. Need it! Without it, we can quickly be sunk in whatever view, we are being bombarded with, at the moment.

Good for you! And thank you, for reminding us, of this fact. The fact that we are in charge of where we put our attention. We can avoid "the News," but it will still sneak in. But we have the ability to work on controlling our thoughts.

And..... We live in our mind.... In the long run.


Willow said...

What a great post .
I love to putter and just be in the moment
whenever I can too.

bj said...

Your beautiful post...both thoughts and photos, has started my day off with a smile and a renewed thankfulness for all my blessings.
Thanks so much...
Sending you a email. :)