Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Seasons Gently Tapping...

First, a huge thank you to all my blogging friends who commented here and wrote such kind things on my last post. Your comments are truly a soothing influence to my spirit.

Over the Midwest, we are throwing our arms out in a literal embrace of today's 73° weather. I drove Mom around for the first time in forever, and we turned wild, happy, -----goofy for the sunshine. It's hard to remember a longer-feeling winter, but with March midway, the blossoms are coming and the snow (predicted for tonight, unfortunately) will not have a chance at the longevity of earlier frosts. And that's a big smile for that!

As the dark, cozy throws and lantern displays yield to lighter, floral views, it's time for the Spring cleaning, salad suppers, and front porches again. And, surprisingly enough, this old housecat is down with that! I'm ready to dig in the dirt... (Not my usual stand on outdoor life). Let's hope the mood continues. Heaven knows, the poor gardens and borders could use some love.

I so enjoyed your comments about favorite childhood toys and gifts. Maybe you would like to
share a dream you have for outdoor life this summer. Mine? Simply to have one.. To spend some evenings and mornings working and reveling in some long-ignored nature. Only a few days until Spring! Hallelujah!

Oh, what a sight to watch the flocks of geese pausing in a moment.to tiptoe and waddle around on the last of the Lake ice...

Post Script:

I seriously wish you could sit with me tonight. I have lit my candles and turned out the lamps. Outside a blustery icy rain has dipped the thermometer to the thirties... And I am sitting here grinning like the cat who ate the canary. Whenever it's simply nasty, and dark, and the sound of sleet hits the wooden casements and glass windows... I love it... March... October... Spring and Fall...  Mercurial changes that echo the flimsy, fragile opinions that I toss about like leaves against the gales...  I must have loved the barren moors, the icy glens...  Or something like that!


wendy said...

I can't wait for spring, I heard Chickadees today and a Blue jay! singing away!! Love hearing the birds again, a sure sign ( regardless of the snow were supposed to get tonight.) of spring!!! Happy Spring Thoughts!

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

"Mercurial changes" says it! From Spring, right back into winter. For a lot of us.

"Mercurial changes that echo the flimsy, fragile opinions that I toss about like leaves against the gales..."

I love your beautiful words... Please, do keep tossing them about. Please do!

And have you remembered any of those barren moors or icy glens????

bj said...

I simply adore adverse weather...love cloudy, dark days as much a bright, sunshine ones. I always cringe when I hear someone say, "O, it's such a day full of gloom."
I always just love your posts. :)