Friday, February 7, 2014

My Happy Drawer....

The Finished Project

A few days ago.... after rustling about in my bedside drawer, I decided to create a beautiful, simplified space.  My world begins and ends right there beside me each day....  So what was there? Oh my goodness gracious...  What a big mess.

I knew I needed something better...

My gramma, such a wise, frugal woman, used to go shopping all day to find just what she wanted...  And then she came home to make it for free.  That, dear Self, is why creativity will salvage a year.  It's not about "settling" because that means we have to "go cheap and make the best of it."  It's about finding and fashioning a more personal trove.

First, I dug out all the stuff in my little half drawer.  My table is a sweet Rachel Ashwell with a half-sized drawer...  But it holds way too much!   Look at all my loot...  Tsk! Tsk!

  I began to dream this morning during the time reserved for calling my son...  He is a super heavy sleeper, and alarm clocks do not do the trick.  I even tried fancy measures:  bought him one alarm that was super-sonic ....And  it even shook the bed!!!  But it didn't faze him.  So I call...  And usually he is already up, exercises done, showered...  But once in a blue moon I save him from a tardy...  The magic hour between when he wakes up (6:30) and when he gets in his truck (7:30)  has become a time of meditation, prayer, or dream voyaging for me.

I "went shopping" on Amazon.  How wrong for my budget.  I couldn't afford to buy these extravagant, unnecessary treasures at a grand total of 104 dollars!  So I pulled a Minnie Samantha, my Gramma. And I created an amazing, soothing, lovely drawer... For free!!!...  I used lovely gifts, 

homemade containers...  I have a special deck of cards from the town  where I taught... And I created 
scripture and beautiful quotation cards chosen and tailored just for me.  I scrounged around...  Bits and pieces of my hoarded gifts and treasures...  I hesitate to say that it took me several days, off and on,  to round it all up... I added a sweet photo flip book.

My shopping list dissolved and evolved:

Little notebook that my Daddy had saved...  

Lip gel from philosophy

Kleenexes in red ziplock bag, slit and taped...
Philosophy "Hope in a Jar," (my biggest self-indulgence)
Vicks, my signature fragrance!  Lol.

Meds in pretty container.
Sugar free C drops in pretty box

Deck of Bevier Sesquicentennial cards for reminiscing, solitaire, and Lucky Draw...

Home made, scrapbooked "happy quotes and scripture cards" on a ring...... Recycled from greeting cards from our dear friends.

Pretty liner paper from my scrapbooking stash.
Essential oils---- for the sniffles, eucalyptus; for the worries,  lavendar; and for just about anything else, bergamot.
Flashlight from Mom and Santa!

I kept the $104, which I didn't really have....  My little drawer transformed!  Now when I'm fretting, 

tossing, snarling, or weeping...  I know my little "happy drawer" holds many beautiful gifts, courtesy 
of my Gramma's inspiration, my imagination, and of all my generous family and friends who have 
gifted me with so many treasures through the years. 


Terra said...

I love your ideas and I came over from Cielo's to say hi.

wendy said...

I love the little note cards! What a neat idea! Now how many times have you opened the drawer just to look????