Wednesday, February 12, 2014

La-dee-what? When? Oh, heckie pooh!

I am certain something needs to be invented for this tendency I have to.... Procrastinate!  I am honestly so fearful of getting things all done, stacking them up... And feeling a sense of. .?? What?  How bad could that feel?  

I'm am now in the mood for Irish green, or even Easter... Hello! It's Valentine's Day! Right the day before Christmas?  Yep.  Hearts and doves.... I'm thinking it is an inner plot to keep me out of the moment... Self  Sabotage... No idea why. But coupled with no exiting my Mother's home more than five times since December 22nd... And now my trusted Amazon via UPS HAS REFUSED TO TRAVEL OUR ROAD... So I didn't send Valentines, didn't buy little gifts, have decided to just light pretty candles, sprinkle some ghastly tasting conversation hearts Sweet-tarts. (Truly horrible)....  And
Just celebrate in small ways.  

My gramma, and later my parents, try to let me think the holiday is for everyone... But any of you singles know... It's for couples and children...PERIOD.. Build you a box when you are in school. Grab out the valentine from your secret crush if you got one. Try to read something in the card, between the lines.  Bleaugh! I say, grab a chocolate heart and a cup of steaming coffee laced with something awesome... Watch a movie, make some soup. Have a couple "red pills"... (I was sorting a pack of M &M's to cull the red ones at 1:00 a.m.)  And call in ambivalent.

If you are married or romantic.. Different story. Your advice is more regular. Enjoy your loved ones. I treasure my precious ones. I love this pretty set of pillowcases from my Sweetie...  Relax.  no stress. This will be over Saturday!

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Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

I started Valentine decorating too soon, this year. And have been sick of it, already, too! -chuckle-

I enjoy the red and sparkly decorations. But we don't "Do" the Day.

Your photo out the window, is very pretty. Oh how I love that yard lamp you have out there. Is that sunrise or sunset?

Good wishes for your road to become passable again!!! Eeeeek!!!! :-)

Gentle hugs,