Monday, February 3, 2014

Hidden Among the Bowls...

One highly coveted decorating  area in Mom's house is her mantel. When I moved in, she had kept these large antique bowls on her mantel for years, and I "surprised" her that first Autumn with a change, which she did not forbid, or course... But she also did not embrace. From then on, I have hogged decorated this lovely spot, so after we said goodbye this year to the Christmas blue sparkle, I decided to be the good daughter, (for a change), and put her favorites back in place. I love changes, but she prefers the familiar...... In decorating, at least.

Today I asked for the back history on these huge serving bowls from the past. The first has my Gramma's sweet writing on her famous adhesive tape... "From Gayla, 1976." That was August 11th... The same year and day my other dear Gramma passed away. What a sad birthday. The beautiful bowl came from a family favorite, Markland's Armstrong Antiques. I recall buying the bowl, its edges tinged with Autumn leaves but the bowl embellished with my Gramma's favorite roses.

This next green-rimmed glory was a barter bowl... My Aunt Letha in 1930's Indiana wanted a pair of hose...  She offered my Gramma this bowl from "cousin Florrie" for a pair.  My Gramma thought it was worth more, so she bought her two pair of cotton hose... Good trade, Gramma!

I bought the "grand pink lady" bowl in the center of the mantel at Markland's Antiques with a portion of my very first paycheck from teaching school. I adored that buying trip, bought my mother a flow blue pitcher... My dad a cardinal themed thermometer...  My own yummy money...  I think I earned $6,000/year... 1975.

The grape bowl came from Robb's  Antiques, maybe called Robinwood Inn, located near Madison, MO, in a heavily wooded farm. Dear cousins from Indiana visited my Gramma every year, and the whole gang went shopping one day while I was at school... This was only one portion of that day's loot.

Finally, this bowl was inherited from Ma, Daddy's mother. Ma probably obtained it as payment for her expert services as a wallpaper hanger. She usually received a little pickle dish, pitcher, or bowl and her lunch. I can still hear her telling how she used to close her eyes and hope that the lunch wasn't going to be fried fish. I can sympathize with her on that.

Isn't it beautiful, these little tales that hover in the aura of collected treasures. I recognize the presence of layers of back stories before these beautiful German china bowls became a part of my tradition... So, sure, they may have another turn on the mantel.


Becky K. said...

What a lovely trip down memory lane. I, too, treasure lovely serving pieces. I would have many more if I had space to store them.
Fried fish? Grandma used to make it for breakfast after we caught it the night before. Bittersweet memory...but that smell. I don't like eating fish even now.

W. Latane Barton said...

Such beautiful treasures and sweet, sweet memories. I really enjoyed seeing them, Gayla.

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

Ohhh they are lovely. Yes, they do deserve another turn on the mantle.
And have you written down, all their history?

Whenever I read people telling the history of old family objects, I so hope they do write it down... Keep it in a safe place... Where it will be there, for future generations of family.

Tell you Mom, they are lovely, lovely, lovely...

NanaDiana said...

What fun to KNOW the history behind those wonderful old bowls. yep-They have earned their honorary least for now- xo Diana

Debbie said...

Such gorgeous bowls!
So nice to have a history behind each one.

Nancy's Notes said...

What beautiful treasures! I love each of of them and it's just wonderful that your mother has shared the history of them! They look gorgeous on the mantel~