Friday, February 7, 2014

Cozy from the Inside...

I remember winters like this from the sixties... It seemed then I delved into one, long, white fluffy blanket... My Daddy always left in the early pre-dawn, wrapped up like an Eskimo, heading down to get the hay for our cows... In those days, his hay had been either stacked in the barn or in a long haystack under canvas outside. His tractor had a huge Eisenglass "heat houser" to capture the motor's warmth... No cabs on our small tractors.

I didn't go with Daddy, or with my grandfather (Pawpaw). I have usually been a house kitty... My Dad always told me it was a lot easier to "love" winter from the indoors looking out.  I agree one hundred percent.  Since my retirement this year, I'm. Almost free to just relax with my yarn, crochet all day, and ignore the onslaught of weatherly arrows being slung at all directions. Even my snow pictures, as you can see, filter through a warm window and screen...

But people I love are out there, teeth chattering, red hands, digging out their vehicles, slip-sliding to work before daylight, hovering blow dryers under the sink to thaw out pipes...  Making reservations at hotels five miles from home because the ice storm clawed their wires right from the side of the house. So I cannot happily, in good conscience, chime out my love for winter.

I've been told recently it's just fine to own my own feelings, to admit a change of mind, to be authentic. So.... Yes, I'm the former teacher who celebrated the first school day snowfall with a  hidden stash of Jolly Rancher suckers in her drawer to hand out to her classes in the earlier years before stupid school regulations.... But right now, in Winter 2014... I think we have just about celebrated enough snow. What do you think?

I'm finishing the little baby crochet project today... The little one is due in a few days...  I'll show you pictures after I deliver it to the little Mama and Papa to be... That is... If my car will back out of its snowdrift!

See the little head on our yard deer? That's our snow meter... There is a small deer right below the surface... No ears visible at all..

Cozy in... We might as well!

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Heaven's Walk said...

Oh sweet Gayla....I can tell that you are ready for spring too, aren't you, girlie? Looks like you have a ton of snow outside your windows like we do. About 30" now! Ugh! I was just visiting over at Cielo's blog and saw what you made for her. What a darling, charming, and creative idea! You are such a doll!

Hang in there, my friend. Spring will be here soon.....I pray!!!! lol

xoxo laurie