Tuesday, February 18, 2014


This lil guy was spotted in the New York Yankees stadium watching some prep work down on the field (according to Facebook). He has the right idea, doesn't he? Get there early and find a good seat!

I'm ready to follow some baseball again! Clear skies, cleared roads... UPS deliveries.. 50° and higher... I worked half an afternoon, reorganizing the shelves with bakeware, casseroles, little treats. Not only can I not find anything... I have stuff left over, thank you very much. I started, however, with a box of new Temptations..., bowls, baking dishes, racks, plates... So, it will work itself out.

I found one treasure. Picture coming tomorrow or Thursday. Enjoy the Thaw if you are getting one.


wendy said...

Wow sounds like you've been busy!! I'm not much of a sport fan but I am looking forward to spring! I love the picture of the raccoon he's so cute! Have fun and stay warm!!

Nancy's Notes said...

What an adorable photograph of that little raccoon, just too cute! I love sports, I'm ready!

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

You and my very good friend... Ready for Baseball. :-)

He's a Sox fan.

Congratulations on sorting and reorganizing. Go you!