Friday, January 10, 2014

Who gives a hoot?!

Ugh...  Even this inveterate queen of Winter has had just about plenty...  I'm not showing you the piles of thick, ice-encrusted snow swooping on my car, the walks, the pastures...  Retirement lends itself to becoming a recluse.  I don't mind cabin much to do, so many ideas, dreams....----  naps also!  But I could use a day out, and Mom tells me she is ready to explode!  I helped her wash and set her hair...  Let's just say it was easier to sit in a class with twenty junior high kids....  Did you know that God put three perfectly good handles on a person's head to grab onto in order to turn that head smack around...  The nose and both ears are each perfect to switch that head around...  However, for some reason, evidently that's a no-no for cosmetologists!  Mom wasn't a fan!  Who knew?

My reward to me for basically "doing" Christmas for this family was a box of yarn from Yarn Supply...   I'm making a Cath Kidston inspired blanket...  I'm using inspiration from Hopscotch Lane blog HERE...  My sweet gramma taught me to crochet, and one quick browse through Pinterest was enough to ignite that old love...  I've done three of 42 blocks.  Living the bright colors on this dull, grey day.  It's thundering and raining on all that icy snow...  We need a melt... Or we are gonna have a mess!

I leave you with a mission!  I'm looking for this little hoot owl egg-frying gizmo.  I think it would be a...  Well, HOOT!  My son would love it...  He is all grown up, but we mommies never stop trying, do we?  Have fun with whatever you find to fight the "nothing" inherent in this gummy weather.  Let me know if you see it for sale.


NanaDiana said...

Oh-How funny about your Mom! lol You poor girl....BUT---your wish is my command. Here is your hoot owl thingy available for $9.99! Here's the link!

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

Awwww, I'm sorry the weather has been soooooooo horrid, there! It's so true, that if we _want_ to stay in... It's fine. But if we _have_ to stay in... It gets on our nerves. -sigh-

Oh my, is the hair do, an example of "no good deed going unpunished"? -giggggles-

Pretty and bright colors in that blanket! Love it. I do think I knew how to crochet, once upon a time. "Back at the beginning of time"...

Now I am trying to practice knitting, which I just learned from my daughter. But! My pretty yarn and a bit I did, sits there. I am such a person for... get an idea, run with idea, lose interest in idea. -moan-

We are getting warmer weather here too, and it will cause problems! -sigh-

Gentle hugs,

Mary Anne Komar said...

Cabin fever, oh my! It's been raining buckets and the wind was howling last night here in the Pacific Northwest! No snow however. Love the owl! Keep a stiff upper lip, these things too shall come to pass!

Anne in St Louis said...

Now I think I need an owl egg mold for my boy, or maybe the skull (he's 10 and only had 2 school days in the first 7 after holiday break - we too have cabin fever):