Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Spirit!

Of course!  Well, yes!  With the big holiday only three weeks away, we feel the waves of excitement, good cheer, and spirit pulsing through our veins.  I'm a little surprised to discover how confused everything appears.  We chose a different spot for the tree this year.  Maybe that's the culprit.  We had the very latest of Thanksgivings possible...  I've been on a six-month purge/declutter/spiff of the house...  And truthfully I can't find anything.

And there is always a little sting to Christmas joy, a tug at memory's heart to recall some magic from our yesterdays.  I always begin to hear a few hardworking women begin to melt down, wishing Christmas would be "over."  Budgets disappear and fizzle right along with the sinking feeling that I've bought all the wrong presents...  And some of these gifts are elusively crammed hither and yon in aforesaid spiffed home!

I'm a lot disappointed I forgot the first Sunday night of Advent, and I see no candles ready for the second.  I miss my decorations from home right alongside the happiness I get from rediscovering Mom's treasures from years ago.  Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus...  Yes, there also is a huge veil of Christmas Spirit.  It's not about everyone being holly jolly, about all the curios festive and perfect cookies baked.  The holidays aren't about gifts all ready and carols tinkling from stereo systems while hot cider spices on tegu stove.  I keep telling myself to work mindfully, to not cut corners, to enjoy each moment.

So far, it's helping.  I wonder if I'll repeat a disturbing dream I've had recurring for many Christmases.  In this dream, I find it's suddenly a Christmas exchange/holiday party/ family gift time...   And I'm taken by shock.  Unprepared, I spend the dream scrambling, rooting, throwing candles and haphazard food at unkempt holiday tables.  Sometimes a friend of mine brings a bit of order.  Sometimes not.

Whatever we do... Or don't do, the real Christmas is about love.  Please let me never forget that for a fleeting second.


NanaDiana said...

Amen, Gayla. You got Christmas thoughts just right. I am sure you are missing "your" Christmas but I am glad you are reliving some old wonderful moments, too- xo Diana

wendy said...

Thank you for the reminder.

Tessa~ said...

Oh why do any of us give in to the feeling, that we must have things purrrrrrrrfect?!?

Why do we give in to any of hype?

Why do we get scared-to-death, if we feel a little less hippity-hppity-happy, at this time of year?

Why can't we just flow.....?




Cheryl @ TFD said...

I enjoyed your post, Gayla. Three weeks...it doesn't seem possible that it will be here so soon. I have been learning to relax and just enjoy the season the past few years without worrying about having a perfect house with the perfect decor, the perfect gifts under the perfect tree, etc. I could never attain that goal no matter how hard I worked at it. :)

That it is all about Love is so true. I notice that people seem to be nicer around this time of year, I just wish we could all carry the spirit of Christmas with us all the year long, not just for a few weeks. Here's wishing you all the joys of the season!