Monday, November 4, 2013

Little Dark Days... My Favorite!

"Oh, isn't this a pretty day?"  Every time the sky is blue, the sun shines cheerily, the dew falls light...  That's what I hear.  I always nod, agree, and play the game of popular opinion...  But days such as today remain my personal favorites...  Dark, overcast ones with wind, rain, snow, or portent of such... Any patch of Sunshine quickly scuttled by simple gloom...  A typical, November-grey offering

First, I slept in...  Following the confused, excited-for-no-reason, sleeplessness due to the change from Daylight Savings to Standard, I really snuggled in this second day of standard time...  I stole an extra hour and twenty minutes to add to the extra hour I already had!  It. Was. Yummy!!!

I spent the rest of the lovely, cloudy morning at my Sister/cousin's...  Sipping vanilla coffee, nibbling on orange-jalapeño spread on crisp flatbreads...  We took a turn at solving the world problems, but settled for being very grateful for our families...  She is a gentle person---so good to me, so good for me.

Then the rest of the day has simply evaporated into the hours of a little cooking, a smidgen of cleaning, delicious reading, some online Christmas shopping...

Time to slip away in this come-early dusk, slide into my softest nightgown, and drink a hot cup of coffee and Almond Joy creamer in my Mickey Mug...  Oh, what a lazy little bum I have been today...  And no wonder I prefer these dark, cloudy, moody Mondays to event filled Sunshine...  It speaks volumes... But I prefer not to listen.


Tessa~ said...

How lucky you are, to enjoy these darker days. Yes, you are.

I tend to need regular sunshine, and to look on Nov. as dark, rainy, gloomy. Silly me.

You point out how wonderfully cozy and warm, Nov. days can be!

Thank you!!!!!!!

Gentle Nov. hugs,

From My Country Sunrise said...

Such special times we have together~~To steal a few minutes here and there to sip a cup of somethings~~LOve and hugs♥♥

racheld said...

I seldom comment on a long-ago post, for they have to go through arcane channels to reach the writer, but this one---ahhhh, this one. It caught my eye in the little sample-offering at the bottom of the page today---my favorite Millais, and favorite time of year.

The cozy satisfaction of that post, and the familiar red Keurig of my own new pink kitchen with all its variety of flavors, plus my own affinity for the cuddling-in of a gray day---what a lovely thing this bright June morning with the cries of lawn and plants to be out, be out seeing to them. I can just see and feel the huddle of your house, the scents of carpet and long-loved wood, the meals at that comfortable table---all combining to create such an air of comfort and ease.

Your archives are a treasure-house of lovely words and scenes. I hope you return to them yourself, wandering amongst the sumptuous paragraphs, and feel the cozy comfort in this care-taking time of your life, with so many calls on your time and hands and heart.