Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Enjoying the Ride...

Here I am! This has been a busy week...  Just finishing up some long overdue work around the house.

Tonight the roads are getting a little sleet and wintry mix....  Are we ready for this?

I'll be back again by the weekend.  Enjoy the beauty!  These shots were taken on a little drive with Mom this past weekend.


Becky K. said...

So it seems that winter is just going to bust in this teasing...just bam! Take care. Glad you got some things done that you've been wanting to get to. That always feels so good.

Tessa said...

Oh I'm so glad you and Mom, got to take this lovely little drive. For the Autumn beauty. And for the photo op. :-)

Ohhhh, you had some real visits by the Frost Faeries, in your neck of the woods! Ohhhhh.... A little sleet and wintery mix.

We just found that the car, had been painted with sparkles. A very soft statement. So far... So far.... ,-)


NanaDiana said...

Gayla. Those are beautiful pictures. You lie in such a pretty area. Hope you are doing well and have had a nice week even if it was a busy one-xo Diana