Monday, October 28, 2013

GPS..... The Wandering Continues

Before tomorrow's rains we though it might be fun to drive through New Cambria and Ethel...  A couple of years ago we did that, finishing the beautiful ride about fifty miles to the North and eating lunch at a Ruby Tuesday in Kirksville..  Today I must gave veered to the left on one of the many "choices" offered on those country black tops.  Oh my!  We found ourselves on a stretch of one Lane gravel....(or dirt).  I'm not entirely sure what countries we visited...  Probably South America because we found a llama strolling down the road at one point... ?????

As all good Missouri back roads do,  our path came out at a huge curving three-way stop...  Time for lunch. Brookfield:  22 miles...  Home just before the overcast skies materialized...   Beauty reigns supreme.

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From My Country Sunrise said...

loved your blog today an d thank you for the yummys We will do a day next week of something fun♥