Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Nest.....

The dreaded monster known as THE LAIR CHAIR...  do you have that one special place that has grown into a nest of clutter?  My corner in the living room subtly was that spot, overrun with anything a girl could want.  Books? Magazines? Art supplies?  Medications?  Beauty (ha!) products, stationery and stickers, you get the picture...  I knew with my tendency toward hibernation, the advent of winter meant only more stuff...  Take a look at all the junk handy items I dreamed I'd need in one sitting...  Command Central, for sure...  But really, just a lack of control was the overall ambience...if I dare even use such a pretty word...  Yuck!

Suddenly, I woke up and looked at this with fresh eyes.  What was I thinking?  I couldn't stand all this junk...,  so armed with my Mrs. Meyer cleaner, I cleaned the way I do best:  I pulled it all out.  Two trash bags later...  I pared all away except a tapestry Isabella's Journey Autumn bag...  My son jumped at the chance to have the doughbox side table...  I stashed everything where it actually lived.  For now, I don't even have a trash basket...(big concession to beauty.)  all that jewelry, prisms, razzmatazz hanging from the hopelessly outdated quaint pole lamp. Had to go!

Even Mom's dolls got a shakedown.  I let only winter and fall girls stay out.  With a rearrangement  of everything and a few touches of red, this corner sure looks better to me.


Tessa said...

-chuckle- So it was surreal, to see "Alice" looking down the "rabbit hole," for Gayla, hu? :-))))))

But it did the trick!

When I can't visit a blogger, who has left a comment in my blog... It "gets my panties in a twist". And you certainly didn't "sound" like you wanted to remain Anon.

So......... I did the Blog Shout Out. :-) It worked and here I am.

Please and thank you.


Tessa said...

Hooray for you! Noticing when too-much-stuff has crept up on a spot. And another Hooray for you, for having the "guts" to picture it, in all its "Before" array.

Oh it does feel sooooooo goooood, to weed things out, and get rid of the un-necessary, and put everything in its place. -happy sigh-

I had a pole lamp like that, and it was cool, for being able to have more-or-less light, as wanted. Only problem I had was, I had to be careful not to inadvertently push on it, and make it unstable. ,-)

Looking up at the light from your pole lamp, I am missing that gentle source of light.... -sigh- Perhaps it's time to look around for a new one.

Happy Autumn to you!