Sunday, September 15, 2013

First Glimpse

Every year...  It seems the summer heat dissipates just like magic...  Some benevolent voice calls, "Enough!"  And even if we have a little batch of heat, we know...  We know the cool, even crisp days of Autumn have slipped in to settle the dry, cracked fevers of August...

I live for the first glimpse of our local orchard stand...  Driving today with Mama, I spotted the orange beacons of harvest half a block away... My Taurus, dear little grey Fraulina --- she knew to veer to the left, signal, and turn in the drive...  Windows rolled down and camera out the door...  No pumpkin, no mums for us today...  Back home, much of summer still lingers.  But today's gift illuminates my spirits,  it's time to be happy.

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