Friday, September 20, 2013

A Practical Feast...

Cleaning the fridge can be such a rewarding task.  I wonder, then, why I put it off at times.  Today I wasn't going to let any negative procrastination habits get in my way.  The first obstacle lay in the freezer compartment.  At some moment, a rough soul had jammed pushed the ice cube tray tower back into a full pint of parsley flakes...  Ugh!  That had exploded, the water in the ice trays had overflowed...  Stubborn sheets of icy parsley....   After that, I felt victorious and the rest was a snap!

I found these final two croissants frozen, ready to bake, straight from Paris, France...  So I grabbed a little sack of broccoli, some sharp cheese, chicken broth, and milk...  Voila!  Mom seemed pleased with the soup course...  I'm sure it is the delicious, cool weather...  I added a crunchy Italian salad to bump up the harvest feel...  

Did anything else get done today?  Well, laundry...  And tweaking the new iPad iOs that I downloaded yesterday and hated on the spot.  I'm not much on change.

Enjoy the beautiful weekend, my dear friends.  

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