Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Uncluttering

The war against clutter is more of a siege than a battle...  It requires patience (actually one of my gifts) and follow-through...  (Not so much, thank you very much).

I toyed around with my top five rules to engage clutter head on.

 1.  Do not begin this battle in order to prepare for a certain event.  The occasion in the headlights is called "life"...  While every one of us has cleaned like a wild woman for a meeting, shower, holiday, etc. in our homes, that is deep cleaning--- and entirely different.

2.  The looks of your home will worsen before they get better.  Clutter busting requires digging out of corners and emptying of shelves.  And remember!  All that cannot go back!  Most has to go.

3.  Sadly, you cannot reincarnate the deceased... Or the detached.  This is a tough one.  Take a huge breath.  Your loved one has passed away or (gasp!) decided to live without you.  Keep a treasure, but make it special, beautiful, or precious in some way...  Keeping all Your old boyfriend's postcards won't take the two of you back to the beach house.

4.  Watch out for organization gimmicks, devices, and breakthroughs.  If you are trying to find boxes to store various collections...  Be careful...  Actually, wake up!  A "pretty hoarder"? is STILL a hoarder.  Eliminate...  Concentrate.

5.  Avoid the temptation to reload!   It is soooo exciting to see an empty wall or shelf.  You start to dream......Why not buy or dig out something beautiful to put there.? STOP!  You may want to rearrange after de-cluttering, but...  Live in the simplicity a few weeks.  See how it feels to exist in a place that brings tranquility to the eyes...
I think I could go top ten, but...  I'm pretty busy!  It is nearly 4:00, quitting time!  ....time for my Philosophy shower and to unwind for a fun evening...  A luscious vegetable compote for supper and tv time...  Tonight Everybody Loves Raymond reruns and then taped for later, my date with the ageless Andie McDowell in Cedar Cove.

Happy Saturday!

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NanaDiana said...

Gayla- I see we are on the same wavelength. I watch old Frazier reruns when I work )or blog)-lol xo Diana