Sunday, July 7, 2013

Tale of the Rose

About this time of summer my family took one of our few vacations.  Naturally my dad was actually sent to a school to learn something new for Ma Bell Company... This is one special summer about 35 years ago my gramma went with us to Dallas, Texas.  She and I were sharers...  We sat in the back seat of our golden Oldsmobile, and also shared a hotel room.  We also shared the unique experience of a Midwesterner in the midst of the fields of roses...  I remember how excited we were, faces pressed the car windows amazed at the acres of jewel tinted roses.

We passed rose stands, one dollar a dozen!  Honor system.  My daddy stopped the car, and we bought three dollars worth of huge, quality roses....  Thirty six roses sat richly around our hotel room. And Gramma and I caught each other often with these huge, sappy smiles...  Talk about "died and gone to Heaven"!

My gramma dried a bunch of roses, and they hung on her back bedroom closet door until the house was demolished years later...  Roses at that time were 18 dollars a dozen.  Neither of us had ever had one dozen hothouse roses before...

We saw many marvelous attractions on that trip that wound us home through Louisiana and Arkansas...  Gramma bought her/my huge rose quartz at a roadside greenhouse...  Solid rose, good luck, and memories guaranteed.

Do they still sell roses by the side of the roads in Texas?  Have you ever bought a forever-treasure for three hundred pennies?  Is there anything more sacred than the gramma bond with her grandchildren?

Questions and roses in the warm summer sun.

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