Monday, June 17, 2013

Sparkling Red, White, and Blue

It's looking like the Fourth of July around here...   Little touches of color, flags tucked in everywhere, and patriotic centerpieces...  Only a little over two weeks until the holiday!  With all our cool rain and the late Spring, I'm a little off guard.  It's time for some homemade ice cream, some grilling, some watermelon!  

Yesterday my son helped me finish stashing the last box or so...( or so is a stretch ). Of my school stuff...  As I stuffed in yet another bag full of glitters, he called me a hoarder!  Moi?   Well...  On glitter I am... Cheap jars of dime store...  My treasured Martha Stewart's jewel tones...  German glass glitter...  Glitter glue...  I'm the crazy cat lady of this stuff... 

Well, let's all get ready for Independence Day and sparkle on!

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