Friday, June 21, 2013


This week a dear friend gave us a beautiful rose bouquet for our birthdays...  (Mom and I both celebrate the same day of birth!). We loved the bouquet as a floral arrangement a couple of days, but then I decided to break it apart and use my new Heritage Collection of Ball jars.  I ordered mine from Amazon, and I think they are available at Ace Hardwares, Home Goods... Lots of places.  I used a gift certificate from my Sweetie because I'd seen them here and there in Blogland and had fallen in love wth the deep blue color of the jar...  Insulator blue, my daddy would have called it, I'm thinking.

Three roses are that indescribable apricot...  Deep and vintage peach.  I love them.  Their three Ssters are the new rainbow rose...  A mystery to all who see her, this beauty seems supremely delicate and puzzling...  I haven't discovered how she is created...  One didn't make the transition and shattered into myriad petals of red, yellow, green, purple and blue... A color wheel splayed out on the kitchen floor.

We drove through Amish country this hot day...  I couldn't take the photo due to respect, but imagine this!  A couple of kids were driving a large pony hitched to a manual lawnmower....  I told Mama it was a one-horse riding mower!

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20 North Ora said...

Beautiful flowers! What a nice friend!