Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Dance of Weather in Spring

The weather flirts with the idea of spring, tempts us with 80 degree warmth and blooms springing from every bush, branch and barrel.  Then, in a coy attempt announce its supremacy, the winds bring in cold rain, storms, possible snow in May.  Early morning, pre-dawn, my mind began a melancholy echo to the weather. 

By the time the sun should have risen, we had been deluged again with wild, windy storms through the night.   
 For early morning poetry, it's possible to simply breathe in the colors of the sky.  I prefer the twilight of evening to dawn's rosy promise.  Memories over promise, perhaps.  Rich sun drowning the land in apricot at evening...  Snippets of songs run through the mind, bringing an odd assortment of images...

Shall the day actually bring snow?  It won't be here for long, but even so...  weather again demonstrates her majesty, omnipotence, and splendor.  Little plants, you must wait in your boxes for just a while longer.

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Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Gosh I hope the day doesn't bring you snow!!

I think every one is ready for spring!