Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sigh. . .

Study Time in Class today.....
Me:     Use your time wisely.

Loud Girl:  Yap.Yap.  Blah.  Blah...  (She is soooo loud)...  keeps talking off subject
Me:  Anna, WORK.

Loud Girl:  I AM!
Me:  It doesn't sound like it.

Loud Girl:  Trust me.  I'm working.  (She gets nothing out.  No pencil on desk)
Me: ( Sigh  )

Loud Girl:  Yap, yap, blah blah...  anything and everything but the paper.
Me:  Anna, where is your paper?

Loud Girl:  It's done!
Me:  Completely finished?
Loud Girl:  (eye roll and exasperated whine.)  Yes.

Me:  Turn it in.

Loud Girl:  It's at home on my dresser.
Me:  When did you get your paper?

Loud Girl:  Yesterday
Me:  I gave it to you today during Home Room.

Loud Girl:  No.
Me:  Think so.  (I did)

Loud Girl: Oh, that's right.  I did it in Home Room
Me:  Completely finished?

Loud Girl:  Yep.
Me: I see

Loud Girl:  Yap.Yap.  Blah.  Blah...  (She is soooo loud)...  keeps talking off subject
Me:  Anna, do you want to turn in that paper?

Loud Girl:  No.  (Huffy sigh)
Me:  Why?

Loud Girl:  There is one I need to finish..  I had questions on it.
Me:  Bring it on up.  I'll help you.

Loud Girl: Oh, I left my book at home.
Me:  Sigh.

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Becky K. said...

Oh dear. She sounds like a challenge.
Retirement does sound good too...........