Monday, April 15, 2013

Down Time

Back at school today on this gray, semi-rainy Monday.  Weekends blur by so fast, and this one was busy but nothing new.  Mom and I did sneak out to Crossroads to enjoy a lunch on Saturday.  After a little run through Amish country, we came on home.

Many kids are gone today to a Track Meet, so the ones left in Spanish are just finishing up other assignments.  After protecting time so ferociously all year, it always seems that April is just gobbled by Track, Field Trips, Honor Roll parties, Prom, testing...  Well, gobble away.  Truthfully, if I had any days left I would have used one today.  What I really want is a day to sleep.  Doesn't that sound lazy?  Oh, yeah...  I don't even care!

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wendy said...

I felt the same way this morning. Glad I don't have any running to do tonight.