Monday, April 8, 2013

Brewing Unrest

Oh, I know the weather outside today mocks the arrival of spring.  We keep hearing about strong storms in the works for tomorrow...  I am uneasy, restless, sad. I'm not sleeping as well as I could, and the "natives" at school are so very, very restless. I have my doubts about this year's State Testing..

My dear friend who retired many moons ago told me she noticed such a difference from her students after they found out she was leaving.  I do, too.  They have "written me off" in their minds a bit, and it is very difficult to get them to give me their attention, respect, or best work.  Of course, it is spring, as well, with Drama Production in five days, Prom in 12, and Graduation in about a month...

I haven't checked too much off my list

for April yet.  Maybe that's where I should focus, huh?

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wendy said...

Oh I so want spring too! It rained here today and I was thankful it wasn't snow.. Hope you have a nice week.