Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Beth Moore and "Don't Forget to Remember!"

I am really enjoying some of the Beth Moore lessons found online at LightSource.  This one is called, "Don't Forget to Remember" and it's really great.  You can check it out HERE

On my way to school this morning I noticed the violets had erupted in wild abandon in our neighbor's field.  Although these aren't a beloved flower of the row cropper (they think of them as the weeds they are), I love the look of a field of purple.  When I checked my picture, the light was too low from the dawn to really see the violets, so I played a little with Picasa and found this!

Soooo  happy to embrace the new flowers of spring.  Have a wonderful day...  Storms may be on the way, so wherever you are, be careful!


NanaDiana said...

Gayla- Those sweet violets are my favorite wild Spring flower-xo Diana

wendy said...

I like violets too. Love the picture!