Monday, April 1, 2013

A File for April!

The last day of vacation is coming to a gorgeous sunset, and the next month and a half await!  Then a new direction arrives with the last day of school.  Right now a new month gives me a palette of fresh hues to tint my winter world...  Even though we had a "little skiff" of snow this morning, I think it is truly Spring.  

Gramma would have already boiled the first brew of sassafras bark, sweetened it in her rosy china teapot, and invited her granddaughter to high tea...  She maintained a cup of sassafras each spring day helped thin the blood.  It might have been spot on because the pure food act made real sassafras difficult to purchase a few years ago.  

Nevertheless, I'm adding that practice to my April list of "musts" and "maybes".  I'm choosing ten from my master list.  One every three days will be ambitious with all the things inherent with the winding down of a year and of a lifetime career...

In no particular order:

Find, buy, and prepare that delicate, root beer tinted tea ----  maybe just for me as Mom is NOT a fan!
Give my "chariot" a true spring cleaning inside and out.  Winter's mud has turned it into a clunker for sure!
Fresh spring linens and a sad farewell to my dearly beloved feather down comforter.  It is about nine years old, and the feathers escaping it are now reaching ridiculousity.
For the first time since I moved here, I need to put away winter clothing and fluff up summer's attire...
Blondes of summer unite!  I kid only myself when I don't color this hair...  L'Oreal is calling.
Prepare a red and white party for my friend's birthday...  I'm ordering her a canister set in white/red trim enamelware and filling each one with a teensy red or white treasure....  Serving red and white foods....  May 2 is the deadline.
Develop a bedtime ritual (that doesn't include food) to clear my mind and heart for sleep and encouragement.  I am watching Army Wives on Amazon Prime.    I'm on season four....  And loving it.  I'm learning a lot from this, too.
Pinterest ideas for Mother's Day and execute BEFORE May 1st.
Find a home for all the Easter decorations and gently nudge this home toward Summer's simplicity and breeziness.
Take myself (and my gift certificates) out for a little pre-retirement splurge at my dear favorite boutique, Randolph Mercantile...  

That's it!  I had knee injections today or I'd get busy right now!  


NanaDiana said...

Love your list- I think I need to make one. Did you dye your hair yet?;>) xo Diana

Gayla said...

I haven't done anything yet. cannot find real sassafras root. better get busy on something!