Thursday, February 28, 2013

Wilderness Hollow

Woooooooooooooooooooh.  Oh, whoooooooo oo oooooo.   That is the hollow, melodic coo of the winter wind, who has been tossing around our collective twenty or more inches of snow, covering any tracks made in to this house since the 21st, and heaping drifts up to five feet deep in Mom's driveway...  We are snowbound this week and possibly until the end of next.  Last night my son drove down the long, drifted lane, exploding through drifts with his large Dodge..  He shook his head and wondered if he could find that path out.

No, he could not..  And after digging and spinning, high-centered for nearly an hour or more, he shut off these tiny red lights you see in the photo, walked back in, and spent the night camped on the bedroom floor.  After he moved past being disappointed his "beast chariot" had met its match, we started to have such fun.  He and I watched the movie, Thor.  Perfect for the mythology teacher and the gladiator.

This morning our neighbor came in with his big tractor and gently urged my son's truck onto the proximity of a better path.  Both the a dodge four wheeler and the giant, cab tractor struggled with the maneuver out  the drive...  With them on the other side and safe, Mom and I have decided to take naps, eat homemade potato soup, set out more Easter decorations in anticipation of Spring...

Today my school called off, but it may not tomorrow.  However, I'm definitely a no-show. I think a lot of things could have made these blizzards more comfortable, from designing a straight vs. curvy road to living closer to the highway, to owning a snow blade to having a back up source of heat in case we had lost power.  I need a four wheel drive vehicle, and I could use a lot more common sense instead of so much Optimistic Ostrich.   But we are warm, and if everyone stays safe and healthy.. It's kinda fun!

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