Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Morning Coffee...

Wouldn't you love to have coffee like this every morning?  I thought we'd share this cup (which I found on Facebook and don't have the credits for)....  What shall we discuss?  Retirement is on my mind...  I made it almost official today.  I told my principal I was retiring.  All that's left is filing the paperwork, and I feel really positive about leaving this old profession I have loved with all my heart.  I am excited for something different, and believe me, I have tons of ideas.

Blogging is such a delicious experience.  I want to publicly thank everyone who blogs because I feel the world of bloggers is an unlimited, unexplored terrain, filled with delights and magic and inspiration and education.  I could never isolate which blogs are most inspirational because I have learned so much from so many.  It has been difficult to find a voice at times because I have been so heavily influenced by several of the beautiful spots on the web.  I sometimes wish my blog could convey such eye candy as others.  I see fascinating posts about finance from some, (@) exciting tales of travels, beautiful (stellar) gardens, tablescapes to inspire anyone to arrange their lives to offset all disaster by celebrating, embracing the seasons....  and creating beauty at the table...  At times bloggers slip in something they are selling...  and I have bought some great items that way...  Some blogs are organizational in their intent...  Some have the cutest, most original little projects to enjoy...  Some center on a walk with the Lord...  Some pour candles, and others lavish candlelight in sparkly votives banded with jewels at breakfast...  I love the blogs that chat about daily chores turned into delightful domesticity.

All in all, I'd say blogging and reading blogs have become one of my favorite ways to spend a cozy evening...  with a good number of my favorites (listed in the side), I have traveled back through time through the years with these bloggers.  I love finding a new blog and doing just that...  I have had to train my mind to read the most recent things first..  Blog reading isn't conducive to the usual chronological order of life...   Sometimes it is sad to read an outcome and then later (which is actually earlier in time) read about the dream that surrounded its inception.  Sometimes I read about a new grandchild and then later read about the engagement of a daughter on a mountainside...  It's a new way to look at the world and at life.

Preserving my blog has been another side benefit of blogging...  I have been fortunate to have created blog-books for my friends and for me.  I gave my recipes and funny stories to five friends and family members at Christmas...  I named it "Sweet Tomato Days," and it was a hit...  I used the Books2Print format, but many are available.  My friend's daughter gave her a book with her own blog,"Beef Stew With a Twist," as its focus.  I have blog-books for every year of Oatmeal and Whimsy. I have been waiting until my birthday in June to use birthday money to create one for the year past in December...  It's fun to hold my very own blog and leaf through the pages...

So today, I'm blogging about blogging again..   Just a way to send gratitude to those of you who spend your beautiful life sharing its blessing with anyone lucky enough to click a link to your "door."  Thank you for a daily sip of inspiration...  Happy Valentine's Day!

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love this!!! always so inspirational!!