Saturday, January 5, 2013

 Brrrr!   Today is a good day to cozy down one final day of vacation.  To those of you who get cabin fever, I know it seems impossible, but my car hasn't been opened or moved since December 23....  For an hour long grocery trip...  How long would it be until I wanted to get out?  I have never found out...  Not Monday, actually.  How I long to putter at home, lost in the possibilities of scrubbing, cooking, snoozing, rearranging.   But....  I will love seeing my coworkers and students, too...  I have lots of plans...  Too many, my kids will say.   First, we write thank you letters!  Everyone has to write five.  Truly, that is a dying art!  I have fancy paper, and I ask them to deliver or mail them.  I've been told it was a good thing....  And I've had a few say it wasn't on the State Test, so why teach it.   That State Test with its numbered objectives....  Bah!  Don't get me started.  Have a blessed, twinkly Sunday.

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