Monday, January 21, 2013


I called in today and am recuperating in front of Mom's cozy heater...  Later I hope to feel like finishing the major project of fluffing up my bed with freshly washed linens (and my best friend down comforter, which I dried with tennis balls yesterday so it would be cozy and fluffy...  The dryer filter looked like I had captured a small bird!).  And the laundry folding...  That seems enough of a goal for a sick day.

I read one time a little saying, "I would  gladly spend my days traveling if I had another life to live at home."  So true.  I am a homebody if ever there was one.  During the seventeen day Christmas vacation, I went to the grocery store for two hours.....And to a birthday soirée one afternoon....  That's it.   Happy as a clam about it, too.

Have a lovely Monday...  Make your world sparkle this week...

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